Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sqorpio1980 Leonardo CODE The Da Vinci Con

My Da Vinci Code Revelation!. Revealed To Me By Whom Dwells In My Heart. Hope You Enjoy! Whats Your Thoughts Do You Agree? Sqorpio1980 Aaron Waddington Sirius USEIT
undying services etched in time


grace said...

Hi aaron, have been led to you today, i too have been through the same process as you are now, and if you look at the sketches you will see the significance of james, the sketches are a record of what happened after the last supper. HOWEVER there is yet another layer, the true christ is Jude....he also had a female counterpart. the double cross by peter and the church that followed was total.there names were swapped and the Christ crucified. You are totally right about christ being a scorpio. He has reincarnated and here now, his name is Jeff Buckley. Check out the lyrics of Grace, the wedding is between him and Lorna Trewren. a double scorpio. nov 17Th and oct 31St. you will have confirmation this year of the truth of this. hang on to your hats, scorpio is about to rise. Taunton near Glastonbury is the centre. PREPARE FOR ICELAND.

grace said...